Portfolio Management Introduction

In the construction of your portfolios our ultimate aim is to provide a blend of assets based upon our clients’ needs and goals.

Portfolio construction begins with a review and analysis of your individual needs and includes the following:

Your goals – your time horizon – and your risk tolerance

Your cash flow needs – and your family dynamics

Next, we develop a unique asset allocation strategy after which we build a diversified portfolio drawing from a very wide assortment of products which include assets that are both correlated with and not correlated with the market.

• Bonds & other fixed income products
• Certificates of Deposit
• Stocks – common & preferred
• Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
• Closed End Funds
• Mutual Funds
• Master Limited Partnerships
• Canadian Energy Trusts
• Real Estate Investment Trusts (publically traded)
• Unit Investment Trusts (UITs)
• Alternative investments not correlated with the market
• Annuities

For both strategic and tactical purposes, we consider investments in both:
• Domestic Markets
• International Markets

Income producing securities are of special interest and importance to us because of the demands of our aging population.