At Mull Capital Management, LLC we have a background rooted in decades of practice in the CPA profession.  Our practice is run to the strict standards of ethics and integrity that accompany the CPA title.  We offer investment management and a variety of other financial services that address our clients’ needs:


We help our clients to plan for their financial futures.  We offer retirement income planning, cash flow planning and budgeting, risk management planning, and federal tax planning.  We also have a network of professionals that we work with to provide you with comprehensive estate and wealth transfer planning.  Financial planning is the first step that our clients take towards preparing for their financial futures.  Learn more about Financial Planning


We offer comprehensive investment management services to our clients.  We design and implement investment portfolios for our clients that are uniquely tailored to their specific investment goals.  We monitor and maintain these investment portfolios using a fee-based structure.  Since we manage portfolios using a fee-based structure, we receive no financial incentive to utilize one investment vehicle over another.  We build a portfolio with YOUR best interests in mind.  We provide investment services to individual investors with IRA and other Retirement plans as well as non-qualified investments.  We also offer our investment management services to local small businesses that have 401(K), profit-sharing, SEP, and other retirement plans.  Learn more about Portfolio Management


In addition to offering financial planning and investment services, Mull Capital Management offers a variety of wealth consulting services. We have a CPA background that provides us with a rich variety of experiences that make us uniquely qualified to work on our clients many consulting needs.  We offer divorce and pre-marital financial planning, business consulting and succession planning, and management and consulting regarding your other financial assets.  In addition, we are acutely aware of the unique needs that some of our clients may have, and we offer special wealth management services for women and seniors.  Learn more about Wealth Consulting Services

We also work to coordinate our client’s financial plans with their families and team of professions in instances where the client requires legal advice and expertise.  We have a network of local attorneys that we can refer our clients to regarding legal requirements that they may have.  Learn more about Financial Planning


We offer our clients risk and insurance planning as one of our core services.  Insurances that we offer include life insurance, long-term care insurance, disability insurance, and fixed annuities.  We sit down and review our clients’ unique insurance needs based on their life circumstances, and help them to select the product that is most appropriate given their situation.  Learn more about Insurance Analysis and Planning